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Implant Based Reconstruction

For women who chose implant based reconstruction, this typically entails at least two stages. Initially, tissue expanders are placed beneath the muscles of the chest. The patient then undergoes sequential inflations of the expander using saline to create a sizable ‘pocket’ for the subsequent implant.  Once the appropriate ‘pocket’ has been achieved, the patient returns to the operating room for removal of the tissue expander in exchange for a silicone or saline implant.


Latissimus Dorsi Flap with an Implant

The latissimus dorsi flap provides skin, fat, muscle from the back that can be transferred to the breast.  There is no microsurgery involved in this flap.  The main downside of this flap is that it does not provide very much bulk to reconstruct a moderate sized breast.  For this reason, a tissue expander or immediate implant is usually required.


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