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Ada Tan, RN, CL

Ada Tan is a healthcare professional, Registered Nurse, Certified Surgical Technologist, Certified Linergist and Laser Specialist with fifteen years’ operating room experience working alongside world-renowned Physicians and Surgeons in state of the art facilities.  She has worked for Dr. Daniel C. Baker for five years, whom she considers a mentor.

Ada specializes in helping patients/clients with the use of micro-pigmentation to enhance their natural beauty.  She treats and enhances patients with eyeliner, lips, cleft lip scars, eyebrow scars, scar revision, areolar reconstruction, and burn scars.

Ada is passionate about helping people feel secure about their appearance. She is good willed, ambitious, respectful, compassionate, approachable, and confident. Rest assured Ada can meet the needs of her clients particular cosmetic or medical concerns. She is honest and to the point. She is confident in her services and will help you feel good about yourself.