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Fillers are a group of injectable products that restore or enhance the volume of skin.

Dr. Levine’s Philosophy

This is probably the most commonly overdone cosmetic procedure.  I like fillers and use them frequently, but we have all seen people who have had too much filler.  If I think you have had too much filler or would not benefit from filler, I will not offer the treatment.

What can I expect following filler treatment?

Results of the filler products that I use can be seen immediately.  Most of the products continue to take-on water over the next 2 days and the result is further enhanced.
It is exceedingly rare to have any bruising following filler treatments.  The lips are the area most commonly bruised, but this can usually be avoided.<

How long will my filler treatment last?

In general, treatments will last at least 1 year, sometimes much longer.

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